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Tubal Reversal

Tubal ligation (ligation), like vasectomy, is a widely used surgical contraception process. However, the younger a woman undergoes a bandage, the greater the chance of regret and the desire to be fertile again.



  • New wedding
  • Death of child
  • Desire for a new child in the same relationship
  • Psychological intolerance to sterilization.


Reversão de Laqueadura

Photo showing the cut uterine tube (post-ligation).

When a connected patient wishes to become a mother again, the reversal of tubal ligation (ligation) by microsurgery represents an excellent alternative and with a high success rate in terms of natural pregnancy.

Fotos - Reversão de Laqueadura

The images shown above were taken from the microscope lens and are enlarged to allow a better view.

The wires that appear in the photo on the right are special, thick called “9 zeros” (thinner than a hair) and can only be seen perfectly through the microscope.

The benefits of reversal of tubal ligation are wide when compared to in vitro procedures (the other alternative for a connected woman to be a mother). First, pregnancy rates in in vitro procedures do not reach 50% per attempt. Then, pregnancy occurs with human interference and not by natural means and finally, there are high risks of multiple pregnancies (twins or triplets) in in vitro procedures.

video is a recording made during a tubal ligation reversal surgery using the microsurgical technique. Note that it is only possible to visualize the surgery wires thanks to the use of the microscope.

The film has no sound
All copy rights are from the Federal University of São Paulo.


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