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Scheduled Dating

Scheduled dating or scheduled intercourse is a treatment modality for marital infertility in which the degree of medical invasion is minimal.

You can follow ovulation in a natural or hormone-induced cycle and at the correct date and time the couple is advised to have sex at home.

Thus, it is not necessary to attend the clinic for medical procedures, or to perform the semen collection. It is as close as possible to the natural.


This treatment is indicated in cases where the woman does not have a regular ovulation (chronic anovulation, with irregular menstrual cycles and of long intervals or in the polycystic ovary syndrome), when the man has a slight seminal change or when no changes were found in tests ordered (infertility without apparent cause).


Scheduled dating only has effective results when the two conditions below are met.

Female condition: at least one uterine tube working well (hysterosalpingography)

Male condition: at least 5 million mobile sperm in seminal processing and with Krüger morphology greater than or equal to 4% (spermogram).


Because it is a very simple treatment, the success rates are not high. They are around 15% successful in each treatment cycle.

It is suggested to change the technique if pregnancy is not obtained after three attempts.


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