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Neo Vita - Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health

Technical Manager: Dr. Fernando P. Ferreira

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Anonymous Donor Semen Bank

Semen donation is a voluntary, solidary and altruistic act that benefits men who cannot have children. The man who chooses to make this donation needs to be healthy and with a good quality in his sperm.

Semen donation treatments apply to the following cases:

  • Absence of sperm (azoospermia) both in ejaculation and testis biopsy (procedure with local anesthesia).
  • When the man has a sexually transmitted disease and it is not possible to eliminate the semen virus.
  • Repeated failures in assisted reproduction
  • Women who choose to accomplish out independent female production
  • Female homosexual couple.

The semen donation process takes place only from a semen bank. Neo Vita uses both national and international semen banks. The donor performs a series of tests and after approval, the material is stored in liquid nitrogen in the laboratory. The recipient can choose a sample from the semen bank according to its phenotypic (physical) characteristics and blood type. According to the rules established by the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), the recipient and the donor must not know each other, this prevents both of them from having any contact during treatment and after the baby is born.

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