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Neo Vita - Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health

Technical Manager: Dr. Fernando P. Ferreira

CRM-SP: 103.984 | RQE: 39.163.1

About us

Neo Vita is a clinic specializing in Assisted Human Reproduction. It emerged as a project with specialists in human reproduction, gynecology, urology, embryology, andrology and endometriosis.

The team works towards the goal of serving patients in a humanized attitude and understanding their real need. Aiming at this type of service, we have a team of highly qualified professionals, with undergraduate and graduate degrees in centers of excellence in Brazil and around the world. The clinic has a structure necessary to provide comfort and safety to patients and establishes itself as a clinic that prioritizes to offer a differentiated and individualized care and totally dedicated to the support and well-being of patients.

For this, we always strive for total safety, transparency and technical excellence in all our procedures. Neo Vita understands that its mission is beyond service and human relations, its commitment is with life. We see that by designing new lives, based on friendship, respect, empathy and understanding, we can transform people. We demonstrate these values ​​to our patients to raise their children to be good people for the world, making a difference in the society in which we live.

Our Team


Conceive new lifes and build families


Conceiving new lives, based on friendship, respect and understanding, we can to turn people.


Transparency: Say what we think and do what we say.
Security: First of all, don’t bring risks to life.
Confidence: Be worthy of your trust.
Excellence: Search the best, do the best, be the best.
Welcome: Welcome, attend and treat the patient in a humanized and individualized way.

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